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  MTG Events Schedule

(Draft times are approximate)

(please show up 30 min ahead to register)


May 29th : Modern 6:30PM
May 31st Commander 6:30PM
June 1st: Standard 6:30PM
June 1st: Draft 9:30PM


June 2nd : Battlebond Two-Headed Giant Pre-Releae 12:00pm (MOVED TO FOLLOWING WEEKEND)


June 5th : Bawl 6:30PM
June 7th Commander 6:30PM
June 8th : Modern 6:30PM
June 8th: Draft 9:30PM


June 9th : Battlebond Two-Headed Giant Releae 12:00pm


June 12th : Modern 6:30PM
June 14th Commander 6:30PM
June 15th : Standard 6:30PM
June 15th: Draft 9:30PM


June 19th : Bawl 6:30PM
June 21st Commander 6:30PM
June 22nd : Modern 6:30PM
June 22nd: Draft 9:30PM





From The Vault: Lore

Was $99.95

Now $59.95


Conspiracy Booster Box

Was $139.95

Now $99.95


Khans of Tarkir Event Deck

Was $24.95

Now $16.95






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